The end of the 60/40 portfolio: myth or reality?

-The 60/40 portfolio is a traditional investment strategy that consists of 60% stocks and 40% bonds.
-The effectiveness of the 60/40 portfolio has been called into question due to factors including high inflation, changes in the correlation between stocks and bonds, and a lack of downside protection.
-This article examines the 60/40 investment approach and explores ways in which it can be modified to achieve better diversification for long-term portfolios.

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Liquid Alternative Investment Strategies That Can Help You Navigate Market Uncertainty

In times of market uncertainty, traditional investment strategies may not be sufficient to protect portfolios.
Quantitative and systematic investment strategies use mathematical models and scientific approaches that can potentially make more well-informed decisions.
By following a predetermined set of rules, systematic investment strategies may help to maintain a consistent investment approach over time and add diversification benefits to investment portfolios.

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FINBOURNE partners with Kreos Capital, securing a £30 million debt facility to fuel future growth plans

FINBOURNE Technology announces a partnership with market-leading debt provider, Kreos Capital, to secure up to a £30 million debt facility. The funding forms an extension to FINBOURNE’s Series A round and strengthens FINBOURNE’s efficient capital structure, enabling it to swiftly respond to market opportunities, as it expands its international footprint.

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