Open Innovation: Enabling Tech for the Future of Finance

Innovation has been at the heart of the technological revolution of financial services in the past decade. However, most of this innovation has happened behind so-called ‘closed doors’. With the FinTech industry maturing in the new era we’ve embarked upon, the ability to scale and grow collectively will only happen when the doors open.

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An industry at an inflection point – part two

In part two of this commentary, and following our recent attendance at TSAM London, Stephen Collie, Head of Sales Engineering, FINBOURNE Technology explores the makeup of the modern data stack and how incremental innovation is critical in the transition to an interoperable future.

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Corporate Innovation in 2022: Financial Industry Approach

The financial services industry is at an inflection point, undergoing radical changes driven by Covid-induced digital adoptions among consumers and enterprises, new competition from FinTechs and non-banks, regulatory initiatives reducing entry barriers, and the emergence of disruptive business models powered by modern technologies.

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