Webinar: EmTech Panel discussion – Strategies to minimise business disruption when implementing new digital solutions

Wednesday 1 April 2020 |
 2:00 pm


Wednesday 1 April 2020

Start Time:  

2:00 pm

This is an EmTech panel discussion on Strategies to minimise business disruption when implementing new digital solutions. In this session Colin Bennett, Siobhan Clarke, Anne Grim and Frank Roden discuss their first-hand experience with implementing tech and providing industry examples as well as discussing the role of technology during and after the Covid crisis.


  • Colin Bennett, Head of Digital Distribution, Global, GAM (UK) Limited
  • Siobhan Clarke, Head of International Investment Operations, M&G Investments
  • Anne Grim, iNED Independent Advisor
  • Gillian Painter, Head of Membership & Velocity The Investment Association
  • Frank Roden, Head of Asset Managers & Asset Owners EMEA, BNP Paribas Securities Services

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Key Questions answered:

  • Do you think that the change in current working practices will provide additional opportunities for  FinTech?
  • Over the last couple of years there has been much innovation theatre how do we ensure innovation reality?
  • Why is important to innovate in the investment sector and do you think the business models are able to adapt to the consumer and technological changes particularly during this time?
  • Can we really mitigate business disruption through the implementation of digital solutions, and what can be done to facilitate and expedite implementation?
  • We talk a lot about making sure there is a clear problem to solve before we get carried away with the technology but sometimes the technology can solve problems we didn’t even know existed highlighting where efficiencies can be made and providing true competitive advantage. Why should a clear understanding of the problem always come first?
  • The relationship between the IM and FinTech is often difficult due to the various hoops and processes inc info sec, procurement and all the associated bureaucracy. What needs to happen to align and manage expectations?

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