Navigating unchartered waters: The regulatory tide turns for Hedge Funds

While hedge funds are currently enjoying a renaissance, the scale of global assets under management has not gone unnoticed and regulation is set to play a major role in the industry in 2022. The question is, how will this impact hedge funds across the globe and how will fund managers continue to secure capital allocations and respond to market opportunities, while sailing in unchartered waters?

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Rotation of investor’s money flow across sectors and stocks will continue, producing winners and losers that can be captured in time only with specific analytics and relevant market intelligence. What are the stocks that will be among the next winners and losers? Monitor the upgrades and the downgrades to spot trend reversals and identify potential winners and losers. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more!

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NayaOne onboards Yapily onto its Fintech Marketplace

NayaOne is delighted to onboard Yapily onto its Fintech Marketplace that is accessible to hundreds of organisations through the NayaOne Digital Sandbox. We are excited to be working with Yapily, and having their Open Banking capability available to our customers to innovate and build next generation financial products and services

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