The Evolution of the SIPP

Do you want to know what it takes to be a future winner in the SIPP market? And how the SIPP evolved to become the leading vehicle for the mass adoption of private retirement savings & income? Anton Padmasiri, WealthOS Founder/CEO and pensions geek at heart, takes us through the evolution of the SIPP.

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The corporate banking industry and the way we watch movies

A quick look at the ‘why’s of movie rental company Blockbuster’s demise, and what the corporate banking industry could learn from it. Oneiro’s CEO Chris Papathanassi explores how the cultural mindset within the industry could be holding itself back from innovation and growth.

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WealthOS rolls out sandbox

The WealthOS platform is being released as a sandbox – an environment where established financial services providers and startups alike can experiment with building and innovating digital wealth management solutions, such as digital investment and retirement applications. 

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