The Challenge

Financial services firms are struggling to modernize their technology.  Complex data requires complex processing, and traditional low-code, no-code, and ETL tools fall short.  Companies turn to custom code with its higher cost and effort to produce, test, and maintain.  Today’s code will become tomorrow’s burden unless there is a significant change in how things are done.  4Logik brings low-code efficiency to custom code development.

The Solution

4Logik takes an innovative approach to creating custom code.  It is a collaboration platform that lets business experts, developers, and testers create and test business logic in business-friendly language.  Once defined, a single click produces mission-critical code that complies with the firm’s technical standards.  Long-term maintenance and ownership of code is greatly simplified through integrated knowledge management and transparency of the business logic.


Client customization and onboarding, modernizing middle and back office processes, and API creation are a few examples of initiatives that benefit from the 4Logik platform.

The Importance

Financial services firms are under intense pressure to modernize their technology, while reducing costs and accelerating response times to client and regulatory demands. Low-code/no-code products have emerged as the standard approach to fulfill simple needs more quickly, but complex mission-critical requirements still demand custom code.


4Logik brings low-code efficiency to the slow, expensive, and error-prone process of developing custom code. It expedites the development process by a factor of at least 2. Our unique approach also makes the code maintainable for the long-term. It is always visible, human-readable, and easy to change.

Next steps

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