9fin Limited

The Challenge

In equities, trading is done electronically by robots, news is instant, data is abundant. In the world of debt, trading is done by humans over the phone, news takes 20 minutes to hit the market and data sucks. 9fin aims to fix that.

The Solution

9fin uses computer vision & machine learning to find key data on bonds and the companies who issue them. By making data easy to search, filter, and analyse 9fin helps fixed income professionals save time & make better investment decisions.

9fin is used by world leading banks, hedge funds and asset managers. The company is backed by leading VC funds & was the only fintech in Europe accepted onto Google’s AI residency program.

The Importance

9fin’s technology can help fixed income professionals save time and quickly spot mispriced risk.

For example the company has used its data to predict a number of bond deals before they happened, is regularly first-to-market with price sensitive news and has already saved its subscribers countless hours extracting data from documents.

Next steps

Contact directly for a demo ([email protected]) or register interest at 9fin.com.

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