Founded in 2018, Accelex provides data acquisition, analytics and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers, enabling firms to access the full potential of critical investment performance and transactional data. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, Accelex solutions automate processes for extraction, analysis and sharing of difficult-to-access unstructured data. Accelex is headquartered in London with offices in Paris, New York, and Toronto. For more information please visit

The Challenge

The private markets ecosystem is plagued with unstructured content in the form of PDFs and other documents carrying difficult-to-access investment information. Many firms struggle with highly manual data extraction, sharing and reporting processes that are costly, inefficient, outdated and time-consuming. As alternative markets grow in popularity, technology has simply not mirrored this trend. Investors seek more sophisticated technology to gain access to more data, more quickly and with greater transparency. 

The Solution

Accelex looks at unstructured data in an innovative way. We have built the most cutting-edge data science platform delivering monitoring, analytics and valuation solutions for investors and asset servicers. The Accelex platform provides a more transparent and efficient way to work, whilst revealing deeper investment insights from difficult to access documents. By ingesting and applying AI and ML our industry specialists enable clients to view a richer, more integrated view of their data . Our clients are more efficient, deploy their resources more effectively and make better informed investment decisions.

The Importance

Empowering clients to apply a higher level of thinking to daily tasks and strategy, while making decisions with greater confidence and clarity – outpacing competitors. acc


The Accelex solution provides a wealth of tangible benefits including:


Reduced costs: realigning FTEs into more productive areas

Save time: accelerated data acquisition process

Improve accuracy: artificial intelligence delivering measurable accuracy performance

Clear audit trail: for data points including traceability

Scalability: extraction of more metrics, more documents, more often

Ownership: internalize and take control of your data strategy

Next steps

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All requests will be responded to as soon as possible and directed to the most relevant person. We would be delighted to share more about our product and give you a full demo to illustrate the capabilities of our technology solution for the private markets.



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