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Manage data with ease , Combine qualitative information with quantitative data in a single, intuitive dashboard. Upload, share and export files of many formats at the click of a button. Make your research accessible within and outside of your organisation to facilitate self-serve. Ada Fintech’s solution was created by a £15m of investment to create a digital workflow for the highly regarded and independent Investment Consultancy Redington. With the latest technology stack, this creates a single view of all your data, including insights for ESG, Voting data and so much more covering DB,DC, Wealth and other key sectors

The Challenge

A clear vision is required to review, research and constantly check managers of Assets, and unfortunately the over use of lots of different software packages, a lack of consistent tags and turnover of staff, means this complex task is even more complex.

The need is to take Qualitative and Quantitative data, merge them together and have actionable monitoring and logging of meetings & decisions. The requirement is to cut away white noise and hold the right documents at your finger tips.

Not only do you need to capture interviews and meetings, but you need to share the data & insights in various ways, safely and in various formats to enable clients to benefit from this deeper understanding.

The Manger Research challenge can only be totally solved by actual Manger Researchers developing the system for their use in anger and its integration with advisory software which is what Redington have achieved

The Solution

The Importance

Next steps



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