Adoptech assures continuous availability of the vendor software services that support your business. We work with vendors and software customers alike to increase the adoption of technology.

The Challenge

It is now more important than ever for asset managers to innovate to reduce costs, enhance customer experience and sustain operational resilience. Cloud-based FinTechs often have the solution but aren’t always enterprise-ready, resulting in lengthy onboarding or even failure to deploy. This, along with the increased focus of European and UK supervisory authorities on operational and outsourcing risk, means there is still a reluctance to adopt FinTech.

The Solution

Adoptech can build you a robust third-party risk management framework (TPRM) that meets regulatory requirements and supports your adoption of innovative third-party services. 

With assurance in place, third-party risk is mitigated from the outset of a vendor engagement and the obstructions to adoption of innovative technology are removed for both consumers and technology vendors.

This includes working with technology vendors to adopt best practices to become enterprise-ready.

We monitor and mitigate technology vendor risks whilst maintaining a contingency “Plan B” so that in the event your vendor is no longer willing or able to deliver the service, we step in to independently maintain the service on behalf of assured clients, ensuring the software and data you rely on remains available.

The Importance

Consumers gain the confidence to accelerate their adoption of innovative technologies and benefit from more efficient third-party risk management. Technology vendors benefit from shorter sales cycles, efficient assessments and access to our vendor toolset that supports the adoption of best practices, reducing risk and increasing sales.

Next steps

Adoptech provides products and consultancy services that support firms in their adoption of technology, reduction of outsourcing risk and compliance with regulations.

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