The Challenge

We bring innovation and automation to equity capital markets to address one of the biggest pain points for the buy-side community: the lack of transparency and efficiency across legacy book building and deal distribution processes and the constant pursuit of liquidity.

The Solution

Our platform offers real-time visibility, full transparency and maximum control over the book building and deal distribution process. Buy-side firms are now able to set deal preferences to proactively drive liquidity, including in highly but not limited to illiquid, small and mid-cap stocks and often in excess of 5 days of ADV, confident that only relevant participants are alerted to liquidity opportunities.

The Appital platform can be integrated into existing OMS and EMS systems and workflows. Our end-to-end processes are secure, fully automated and deliver the visibility and transparency necessary for internal compliance, external audit and regulatory reporting.  Our desktop application is also available via OpenFin.

The Importance

We enable the buy side community to discover latent liquidity and gain greater exposure to relevant deal flow opportunities they have not been able to access before, while interacting with like-minded institutions in the liquidity formation process.

Next steps

To find out more visit our website or email at [email protected]

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