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The Challenge

Key business functions such as portfolio managers, market risk and reporting commonly lack consolidated and easily accessible intra-day views of transaction and positions data across the business. The ideal way to provide this information is via a single consistent investment book of record, or IBOR. Current solutions available to fund managers have significant drawbacks. Typically, they are parts of large integrated systems requiring lengthy, expensive and usually difficult implementation programs, their underlying designs are often outdated and based on legacy technology, and none have been developed specifically to natively take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

The Solution

Aprexo’s cloud-based DMS with its modular API-first design supports integration with proprietary software and other vendors’ solutions. It is built to be an immutable record ofall activities, managing all data along two different timelines: ‘as is’ and ‘as was’. It is nonintrusive and designed to be implemented incrementally, acting as the catalyst for an evolving enterprise IT architecture and target operating model.

The solution uniquely delivers:

Better informed investment decisions
Lower risk processes
Improved business and operating controls
Raised due diligence standards and regulatory compliance
Improved and differentiated client experience

The solution is multi-asset class and fully integrates via APIs to other systems, services and data providers.

The Importance

Aprexo can help firms reduce costs by dramatically increasing the quality of the core data they hold about their clients’ investments. Unlike many investment platforms it does not dictate a particular operating model, nor does it tie firms into particular fund management ecosystems, applications, and tools.

Next steps

Please see our website at www.aprexo.com and contact [email protected]

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