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Empowering a new generation of portfolio managers to meet the demands of this changing world. We combine AI and impact data in a single technology platform to deliver active, customised model portfolios at scale.

The Challenge

1. Big data requires AI computational power: Portfolio managers need to analyse ever growing data sets, both financial and non-financial to deliver performance.
2. Increasing demand for customisation: HNW and retail clients are asking and expecting more customisation.
3. Shift towards thematic & impact investing: Investors, in particular the next generation want to allocate their capital in line with their values.

The Solution

Introducing Portfolio Management as a Service
1. AI-powered Portfolio Management:

  • AI-powered stock price predictions using financial and non-financial data sets.
  • Portfolio construction and optimisation in minutes.
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

2. Scalable Customisation:

  • Customisation at single stock level across multiple dimensions.
  • Automated reporting and factsheet generation across accounts of any size.
  • Direct integration in portfolio management and execution systems.

3. Sustainability Expertise:

  • ESG and Climate risk integration without compromising performance.
  • Thematic impact portfolios aligned to client values.
  • Regulatory compliant portfolios (e.g., SFDR Art 8 and 9, PAB, CTB).


  • 2013: Management buyout from Barclays and inception of Arabesque Group
  • 2014: Launch of first quant-ESG funds
  • 2016: Development of proprietary ESG dataset
  • 2019: Establishment of Portfolio Management as a Service
  • 2022: Launch of digital platform & APIs

The Importance

Arabesque AI combines AI and ESG data in a single technology platform to deliver alpha and hyper-customization at scale, offering Portfolio Management as a Service. We are empowering a new generation of portfolio managers to meet the demands of this changing world.

Using deep learning and raw ESG and sustainability data for more than 30,000 companies from strategic partner ESG Book, Arabesque AI automates the complex and costly processes of integrating multiple financial and non-financial dimensions and preferences into portfolios. The engine also ensures portfolios align with core regulatory requirements such as the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), generating portfolios compliant with SFDR Article 8 and 9 labels as required.

Arabesque AI’s alpha engine estimates returns across a universe of more than 20,000 stocks, assessing billions of data points against multiple dimensions daily. The engine represents an evolution of quant investing, moving from a factor-based approach to a machine learning model to meet today’s multidimensional analysis requirements by assessing more than 250 features.

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