Arabesque AI

We are empowering a new generation of portfolio managers to meet the demands of this changing world. We are a service provider that combines an AI-driven alpha assessment and market-leading ESG data to empower asset managers to deliver portfolios that are personalised, impactful, and affordable.

The Challenge

1. Big data requires AI computational power: Portfolio managers need to analyse ever growing data sets, both financial and non-financial to deliver performance.
2. Increasing demand for customisation: HNW and retail clients are asking and expecting more customisation.
3. Shift towards thematic & impact investing: Investors, in particular the next generation want to allocate their capital in line with their values.

The Solution

1. AI active portfolio management: AI-powered stock price predictions using financial and non-financial data sets.
2. Scalable customisation: Customisation at single stock level across multiple dimensions.
3. Sustainability expertise: ESG and climate risk integration without compromising performance.


The Importance

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