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The Challenge

Seismic shifts are happening between consumers and their relationships with banks. Financial institutions are seen as complex, distant, out of touch, with the long tail of the 2008 financial crisis and PPI eroding trust. At the same time, choice has exploded, leaving a hyper-disrupted marketplace. It’s left an open vacancy for leadership around financial education at all levels. And we’re here to fill that gap.

The Solution

Blackbullion makes financial education accessible and empowers students to enjoy their university experience with a healthy, money-smart mindset. We currently collaborate with university partners – including King’s College London, University of Edinburgh and University of New South Wales – to support students at key transition points.

We’re proud of our proven track record in widening participation cohorts, especially for first-in-family and estranged students. Blackbullion is often integrated into partner retention strategies and supports parent education too.

Our tool is uniquely pedagogy first, with learning embedded into different student touchpoints. This creates the most impact and shifts student mindsets through ‘just-in-time’ learning approach. Blackbullion inspires strong student engagement, with personalised pathways resulting in a 75% average lesson completion rate.

The Importance

Gen Z was born with a smartphone in their hands, into a cashless “tap and go” society; in the last three years, the number of young people going bankrupt has increased ten-fold. And yet the next generation of consumers have become the latest fintech battleground as disruptors seek to access life-long customer loyalty.

With 65% of consumers believe that business has as much responsibility for social change as government, Blackbullion’s purpose is to empower through financial education. And the solution has to come from within the fintech community, delivering the  earning, impact, inclusivity, sustainability and transparency. This means matching every point money touchpoint with relevant, accessible financial education to help consumers make confident choices. We want to see financial providers engage in educating their customers – especially young people.

Next steps

If you would like to learn more about how we could benefit/help? your organisation, please get in touch with Vivi Friedgut, our Founder and CEO at [email protected]



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