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bondIT develops next-gen front-office investment technology. We combine innovative portfolio management technology with AI-driven credit analytics to improve the performance, accuracy and efficiency of our clients’ investment processes and businesses.  bondIT empowers asset managers, asset owners, investment advisors and financial institutions with a wide range of customisable tools to build, manage and monitor their portfolios. Our uniquely scalable solutions help clients automate crucial parts of their investment processes — so they can manage more accounts and strategies, improve outcomes and deliver bespoke solutions with the highest degrees of efficiency.

The Challenge

Are you still relying on manual processes and spreadsheets to manage your investments? Against a backdrop of high inflation and market volatility, it is increasingly challenging for fixed income managers to generate alpha. Automating workflows is crucial to stay competitive, improve productivity and optimize performance.  bondIT has developed AI technology to transform investment processes by providing cost effective research and bond portfolio construction in minutes. Legacy systems often struggle to turn the huge amounts of available data into a competitive advantage. With bondIT, investment managers can process data quickly and systematically, helping them to outperform the market and achieve the best outcome for their clients.

The Solution

bondIT’s Frontier platform empowers asset managers to deliver data-driven, optimal portfolios within minutes. As a cloud-hosted, API-ready platform, Frontier seamlessly integrates with proprietary and external data, models, order management and execution systems, and can be embedded directly into client systems. The platform allows users to generate and rebalance portfolios based on different optimization criteria, individually configurable portfolio objectives and bond level constraints. Portfolio managers also have the ability to rebalance existing portfolios to increase ESG performance and maximise ESG scores, whilst controlling other risk factors.

Moreover, bondIT’s integrated Scorable Credit Analytics analyzes more than 250 data variables and 350 Gigabytes every day, such as business figures, market prices and credit ratings daily, to determine issuer-specific credit risk and help users spot investment opportunities and rating transitions ahead of the market.

The Importance

  1. Compared to previous tools and systems, bondIT allows users to service more than 2x the current client load. Portfolio generation, rebalancing and proposals are generated in real time rather than hours.
  2. Our credit analytics model’s downgrade signals on average correlate with CDS spread widening of 35% over the course of the following year — 15 percentage points more than the widening within the overall universe of companies we analyze.  
  3. Our models outperform composite rating agency outlooks in predicting downgrades, capturing 17 percentage points more downgrades than by relying on rating agency outlooks alone.

Next steps

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