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The Challenge

Fixed Income asset managers overwhelmingly use internally developed excel based tool into which they input data from external data providers. There are solutions to solve specific problems along the investment value chain, such as credit research, portfolio optimization or portfolio allocation, but these require extensive back and forth to come to investment decisions. As tech literacy improves, financial intermediaries and end clients expect asset & wealth managers to provision technology tools and analytics to help them understand and manage their portfolio and risk exposures in a self-service portal or platform environment.

The Solution

BondIT enables investment firms to make use of the ever-increasing market data as well as their proprietary data, and to transform that data into competitive advantage. The solution leverages data from beginning to end of portfolio lifecycle – from credit research through portfolio construction and management – applying machine learning, natural language processing, and optimization algorithms. Small- and mid-sized firms can scale and integrate research coverage at minimal cost, large firms can significantly reduce costs while maintaining integrity of investment and research processes.

The Importance

  1. Compared to previous tools and systems, BondIT allows users to service 2x the current client load. Portfolio generation, rebalancing and proposals are generated in real time rather than hours.
  2. Spreads of issuers who have received high downgrade probabilities from our models widen by 44% on average, which is 24 percentage points more than those of issuers with low downgrade probability.
  3. Our models outperform composite rating agency outlooks in predicting downgrades, capturing over 50% more downgrades in 2020 alone.

Next steps

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