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The Challenge

Asset Managers now have the solution to reach potential investors right across the globe, whilst also being able to access uncorrelated returns via our investment marketplace, C8 Studio.

The Solution

Join the C8 Studio so that an Investment Manager’s strategy can be seen and tracked across the globe.  Use C8 Studio to track an active or passive strategy with a few clicks of a mouse.

The Importance

C8’s approach allows Asset Managers to have immediate global reach by allowing Asset Owners to trade the underlying components of the Manager’s active or passive strategy. C8 is the next generation of Direct Indexing, allowing Asset Owners the flexibility of customization, whilst they maintain full control of their capital.  This also means emerging Managers avoid the minimum allocation/concentration limit dilemma as the overall size of assets no longer matters.


Asset Managers can also access best-of-breed trading ideas from C8 Studio to add uncorrelated returns to their portfolio.  C8 provides the execution software, C8X, that allow an Asset Manager to update their selection of indexes/strategies with just a few clicks of a mouse, no matter how many indexes or asset classes are being incorporated into the Asset Managers investment portfolio.

Next steps

We would be delighted to discuss and demonstrate our innovative new approach.

Please contact Jon Webb at the email link (right)

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