MIDEUM, by Change Gap Ltd

MIDEUM is a regulatory reporting solution, created by Change Gap and configured for the IFPR data & reporting obligations, which comes into force 1st January 2022.

The Challenge

The Investment Management industry faces increased pressure in terms of lower margins plus increasing regulatory scrutiny.


Regulation can be perceived as a tax, businesses need to balance growth opportunities vs complying with regulatory obligations.


This together with legacy, fragmented data means that regulatory reporting can result in increased manual processes and reconciliations.


Firms often don’t have time to investigate suitable solutions or understand the benefits collaborating with an innovative vendor may bring.

The Solution

MIDEUM is a cloud-based, modular solution that helps understand and manage the data and reporting submission requirements for IFPR.


This solution focuses on:

– Simplicity, putting users in control, minimising dependency on the IT department and vendor

– Explainability, designed to help understanding of the underlying rules and interpretations

– Reliability, with audit trail of data journeys including adjustments, reconciliation, validations

The Importance

IFPR is a requirement which is a key example of the regulator’s increasing focus on ensuring firms implement effective processes, controls and end-to-end governance for this and other reporting obligations.


– Change Gap operates with a core team, partners and advisors to better understand the challenges faced in the regulatory reporting space from all perspectives – firm, regulator, vendor.

– MIDEUM has been designed to help reduce the burden for both firms and regulators – for example, making the regulatory interpretations directly accessible in the solution.

Next steps

We would love to hear from firms that are interested in hearing more about how our MIDEUM solution is different and focuses on helping increase understanding and collaboration across functions.


Please contact Sarah Sinclair on 07887891139 or email [email protected]

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