Circadian develops asset management solutions based on its decades’ of experience in finance and technology.

The Challenge

How to communicate investment portfolio decision-making in a cost-effective and auditable manner?

  • Portfolios need periodic rebalancing.
  • Factsheets must be produced and distributed to large numbers of clients in an auditable manner.
  • Communication is often two-way with clients providing consents and acceptances.


These functions are typically separate: one team has responsibility for numeric decision-making and fund-switching; the next visual presentation; and, the third, client handling. Some are automated, others manual, and errors frequent. Either way, integration is minimal and the process take time.

The Solution

Our SAAS pipeline transforms your data flow in this way:

  • bookRunner | BYO model: configure your data sources, hook in your own financial model (or let us re-build it), periodically upload new data and generate your latest portfolios.
  • clientRunner | docs: drop in your templates and build your client docs from the latest bookRunner data.
  • clientHandler | comms: trigger the distribution of thousands of client communications referencing the latest factsheets. Collect client acceptances / rejections etc. in a regulatory-compliant audit trail.


What used to take weeks can now be completed in minutes.

The Importance

Quattro allows asset managers to expand their current business model: the largest ongoing per-client expense has been virtually extinguished. With this operational constraint removed and the backing of Quattro you can now confidently:

  • pursue a higher volume of clients (with the same operational leverage); and/or
  • reduce the capital threshold at which you accept new clients.

Next steps

Drop me an email if you are interested and we’ll set up with a demo.

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