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The Challenge

Traditionally, financial markets have used ESG indicators as one of the strategies to evaluate the impact of companies on society. However, this approach is limited as it only measures financial risk linked to sustainability topics, not the comprehensive impact on society.

Also, current ESG score providers tend to be opaque about how they calculate their scores and rely on the subjective assessment of an analyst. That results in scores that are difficult to understand and compare, and are often inconsistent and unreliable. The way to incorporate this information into decision making is time consuming, as it is usually done through a company by company analysis rather than a systematic portfolio and funds view, siloed ESG information not connected with financial and full holdings information.

The Solution

Clarity is a societal impact rating agency and tech company offering a software as a service solution for investors to optimize the societal and environmental impact of their investment portfolios

Clarity offers the largest coverage of social and environmental impact data about publicly traded securities in the market, with the highest level of reliability and accuracy – 25K+ companies, 198 countries, 1,000+ Indicators
With a unique and proprietary methodology, Clarity expands the ESG framework to clarify the real impact of the companies on the society (in addition to financial risk, measures the impact of companies’ products and services on society)
Distributed through an end-to-end technology solution that optimizes the societal impact of investment portfolios – portfolio rebalancing, recommendations, and reporting- with integrated financial and social impact information and customization possibilities

The Importance

Clarity aims at contributing to a more socially efficient capital allocation by providing decision makers with the most reliable and comprehensive methodologies and tools to understand and optimize social and environmental impact, leveraging scientific
research and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence.

There is a wealth of sustainability information and approaches but no standard approach to make it comparable and incorporate it into investment decisions. We aspire to change the paradigm of the investment world: from sustainability as a discrete characteristic of an investment, to a measurable dimension that can be included in the decision making similar to risk and return.

Next steps

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about Clarity – request a demo ([email protected]) or contact us through our website here

What to expect?

A demo of Clarity just for you (how it works and how it can meet your needs)
Pricing details and engagement model
A Q&A with one of our Clarity team members



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