Cuff Associates

Cuff Associates

The Challenge

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable growth of the Fintech industry, using our experience to help organisations make successful hiring decisions, to develop cost-effective people strategies and to be winners in the war for great talent.

The Solution

We seek to understand the business of the Fintech, its USPs, its short- and medium-term goals, its target customer base and its competitors. Next, we explore the team’s past experience with hiring people, their concerns and their lessons learned, their expectations, their expertise (for example, the founding team may not know the market rates for particular roles, the best way to draft a job specification, the options for hiring on interim/ permanent/ part-time/ fixed-term contracts) and we work together to arrive at the hiring priorities.

Before we go ahead, we agree the budget, the payment options and terms, the timescales, the screening and interviewing process, the ownership (our involvement, the ‘founders’ and their time availability, for example) and the messages we convey to the marketplace , bearing in mind that sometimes a Fintech is launching a new offering which they may need to keep confidential for as long as possible – we always offer to work under an NDA for us and for our candidates – and we then stay close to the organisation to track progress, funding and emerging plans.

Next steps

Our re-vamped website was live on Friday 12 July 2019 so we inevitably have teething issues but any interest can be logged there, and in addition please make direct contact with Susan Cuff on 020 3957 7120 or 07711 253621 or at [email protected]

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