The Challenge

Authorised Signatory Management is usually a manual, paper-based and costly process.

The Solution

Cygnetise is a blockchain application that solves the pain of signatory management by making it more efficient, transparent and secure.


With Cygnetise’s signatory management application you can:

  • Simplify and optimize the way you manage authorized signer lists
  • Cut costs and save over 90% of time spent on manual admin tasks
  • Increase the security and transparency of signatories data storage and distribution
  • Reduce the risk of fraud for your organization



The Importance

Authorised signatory management, requires effective and constant control over both the identity of individuals authorised, and the scope of authorisation. If an authorisation process fails, the organisation may be responsible for unintended contractual arrangements or, at worst, exposed to a risk of fraud.

Next steps

Watch our explainer video here. To learn more about Cygnetise and request a free demo, email our team at [email protected]

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