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The Challenge

Financial Services Industry (FSI) is becoming more complex and competitive. Regulators and market makers are continuously working on improving market efficiency. To stay ahead of the curve, our clients need to become a data-driven organization. They must adopt new methods and technologies to leverage structured and unstructured data. We believe this to be the key to survival in this fast-emerging digital environment. Our clients look for partners who have in-depth domain knowledge and the technical expertise to navigate the emerging field of Data Science and Advanced business analytics.

The Solution

For more than a decade, Decimal Point Analytics has been working as a financial research provider helping the financial services industry. In the process of serving our clients efficiently, we have built a repertoire of business analytics and automation solutions. This allows us to provide unique solutions based on our domain knowledge and technical competence in using Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and NLP.

The Importance

We help our clients become a data-driven organization. This enables our clients to identify and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. We also help them improve the efficiency of existing processes by using algorithms to do laborious and repetitive activities.

Next steps

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