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We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and private, permissioned blockchain to tokenise green debt and equity. This results in “deeply reducing” the cost of issuance (e.g. for Green Bonds) and “deeply increasing” the value for asset managers by enabling efficient portfolio diversification to maximise portfolio returns.


Our aim is to facilitate primary market issuance and creation of a liquid secondary market in green assets via tokenisation whilst also applying innovative technology solutions to facilitate KYC / AML checks and applying advanced Machine Learning techniques for anomaly detection to prevent fraudulent anti-money laundering activity. We also provide an innovative solution by making the KYC documentation a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with permissioned access.


Research has shown that issuance of Green Bonds via blockchain may reduce issuance cost as much as ten times. However, our mission extends to assisting the asset management community to manage risk and maximise the return potential from green assets. Find out more about our solution in the platform overview video below and this helpful pdf.





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