Diligend is transforming the investment management due diligence process with a smart digital platform that facilitates due diligence at scale. Diligend has two sides to its platform. Diligend Collect is aimed at allocators and consultants and facilitates effective, automated data gathering for investment and operational due diligence and manager monitoring purposes. Diligend Respond provides investment managers with a full featured platform for responding to DDQs and RFPs from investors in an efficient, timely and customized way. Managers can turn the due diligence process to their advantage with Diligend, standing out from the crowd and enhancing investor relations.

The Challenge

In an increasingly complex investment landscape, institutional investors are looking for new and more efficient ways to gather, analyze and review qualitative data. Whether this is at the selection stage or as part of ongoing monitoring, investors need the ability to gather data across multiple managers and fund types, spanning different asset classes.
Investment managers must respond to these increasingly customized requests in a timely fashion if they are to stand out and make an impression in a crowded space. However, the RFP and DDQ response process is often given to the investor relations team, who already have a heavy workload. It doesn’t always make good financial sense to use skilled resources on often repetitive tasks.

The Solution

Institutional investors and investment consultants use Diligend to scale operational and investment due diligence with powerful automation capabilities that allow teams to do more, faster. Diligend de-risks the investment process with qualitative data gathering at any stage of the investment lifecycle.
Investment managers use Diligend to meet DDQ and RFP demands from investors faster, with greater accuracy. Diligend allows managers to save valuable investor relations resource by automating the DDQ response process and reducing admin. Managers can easily produce customized responses, turning DDQs into an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, rather than a burdensome task.

The Importance

Thanks in part to the move towards digital due diligence and monitoring, due to the pandemic and remote working, Diligend is growing at an incredibly fast rate. Diligend has a high profile institutional investor and investment consultant client base using Diligend Collect, data gathering and analysis platform.

Additionally, in response to demand from the manager community, Diligend is now launching a dedicated manager platform, Diligend Respond, which offers the same smart technology to investment managers, to support them in responding to DDQs and RFPs in a timely fashion.


Next steps

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