Electra Information Systems

An innovative provider of solutions and services for post-trade processing.

The Challenge

Many buy-side investment managers and service providers face increasing operational, compliance and reputational risks and cost due to inefficient, fragmented post-trade processes caused by manual processes, siloed or inefficient workflows, inadequate solutions, and incomplete or erroneous data. This creates problems with staff productivity, duplicate effort across middle and back office functions, and ineffective trade reconciliation, investigations and exception management. In addition, firms may also struggle with setting up accurate client fee billing, safeguarding failed trades, and collecting external data from custodians and other entities required for a wide range of post-trade processes.

The Solution

Electra helps global asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators, and service providers mitigate the risk, cost and inefficiency inherent in post-trade processing and improve their business operations for greater growth and profitability. We help them achieve these goals by delivering reconciliation, settlement, proactive fail trade management, and client fee billing solutions as well as complete, timely and accurate data supporting these and other operational functions across the firm’s ecosystem.

The Importance

Exclusively focused on the post-trade processing needs of the buy side, Electra’s unmatched depth of knowledge enables us to make complex operations simple, error-free, transparent and scalable. Innovations that set Electra apart from other technology providers include: a patented capability that intelligently integrates reconciliation positions, transactions and cash within one intelligent workflow; proprietary technology that raises industry standards in research and investigations; specialized algorithms for client fee billing calculations; and services that enable us to place high-quality aggregated and validated data at the center of middle- and back-office functions.

Next steps

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