eXate is the Ink Bomb for Data

The Challenge

Data privacy is hard, given the amount of applications and the quality of data Inconsistent data strategy relies on people to find, interpret and follow policy IT testing with production data, either for new releases or with third parties/sandboxes, is extremely difficult given data privacy concerns.

The Solution

eXate provides data access controls in order to ensure that sensitive data attributes (such as client names and addresses) are only viewed by the right people, as the right time, and in the right geography. The eXate platform delivers trust between you and your customers.

The Importance

In the analogue world, when money is transported from the banks to the ATM/cashpoint machines, it is protected in a bag that is armed with an ink bomb and strapped to an officer’s wrist. When bad guys try to rip open the bag, the ink bomb detonates rendering the cash obsolete/unusable. In the digital world, where data is the new currency, eXate acts like a digital ink bomb and renders data useless upon a data breach.

Next steps

Please contact us at [email protected], or via our website at www.exatetech.com. Alternatively, please follow us on Twitter (@eXateTech) or on LinkedIn (eXate Technology).



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