Exerica Ltd

The Challenge

Data search and copy-paste drudgery takes up the bulk of analyst’s time.

Outsourcing and pre-prepared data sets are the only alternatives. They are

  • Slow
  • Expensive
  • Prone to human errors
  • Limited in scope
  • Aim to replace analysts

The Solution

Exerica is a transformative technology which makes manual extraction and data entry of financial information redundant.

  • Unlimited scope as Exerica provides access to all data (including notes and disclosures in virtually any visually readable report).
  • Unrivalled data integrity to the extent that typos and errors in original reports can be fixed automatically.
  • Exceptionally fast as it usually takes a few seconds to process a company earnings report.
  • Empowers analysts opening up opportunities for more complex and sophisticated research. Exerica does not compromise on data quality and scope. It merely automates what can and should be automated in financial research.

The Importance

  • cut costs, streamline research & risk management processes
  • generate unique analytical insights
  • use the excavator instead of the shovel in your data mining
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