ExoBrain Ltd

Founded late 2023, combining deep knowledge of the asset management industry with extensive experience in AI, business transformation and innovation, ExoBrain helps clients find (exponential) value in AI, through accelerated, structured experimentation and strategic organisation. Because we are AI from the ground-up ourselves we provide fast, low-risk and cost-effective AI innovation and consulting services.

The Challenge

In the coming intelligence explosion, AI won’t outsmart your business. Businesses that use it will…


Developments in AI are accelerating the art of the possible at breakneck speed. AI will impact every aspect of knowledge-work in your business, creating unprecented opportunities to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Yet innovating is hard, especially experimenting in established businesses in heavily regulated industries.


What if there is a way for you to find and scale AI value, with low-risk and in a cost-effective manner?

The Solution

ExoBrain helps you achieve three outcomes:


Discovery: Know and quantify where in your business AI can add the most value.


Proof of value: Experiment with AI to establish that value quickly, saving you time and money.


Organise for scale: Through fractional AI leadership – providing strategic and operational guidance – foster expertise, governance, and coordinated progress. Accelerate your AI journey through the creation of communities of practice and a centre of excellence.


We deliver you value in days/weeks instead of months, making quality consulting services accessible to every organisation regardless of size, industry or budget.


We achieve this because we have designed ExoBrain with AI from the ground-up. We have done so for one simple reason: AI is fundamentally disrupting our industry (business  consultancy) too.

Next steps

We would love to hear how we can assist you! Please contact us via the regular channels or direct at +44 (0) 7920 090 424 / [email protected]

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