FairXchange Ltd

The Challenge

The 6.6 trillion per day Foreign Exchange market is bilateral, fragmented and highly electronic. Revenue depends on measuring the behaviour of, and collaborating with your counterparties. Only the largest, most sophisticated firms have the tools to analyse their trading data in detail. We exist to help everybody else.

The Solution

We provide independent software that analyses electronic trading data, so that:

our clients gain valuable insight into their trading
they can use this insight to increase revenues for themselves, their clients and their counterparties
markets become fairer, in line with the FX Global Code of Conduct

The Importance

We believe markets in future will be shaped by four key trends:

1. Humanising Data & Technology – increasing engagement by making them more accessible to a wider audience
2. Data-driven Decision Making – better engagement with data will lead to better outcomes
3. Machine Learning & AI – used appropriately these new tools can aid decision making where scale and complexity become problematic
4. Automation – human interaction with data and tech will become ever more important as roles evolve

Next steps

Please visit our website at www.fairxchange.co.uk or contact us at [email protected] for a demonstration




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