The Challenge

Finance departments have traditionally been overlooked by the large software providers, having to use excel to translate raw data from the upstream product systems into meaningful financial reporting.

An absence of clean data, combined with the inherent risks of spreadsheets, means that the CFO might not be able to confidently stand behind the numbers whilst ad hoc requests can take days to extract & reconcile.

Data analytics and true business partnering are often a dream drowned out by simply having to keeping the wheels turning.

The Solution

Our unique pre-built solution combines FUM reporting/analytics with the core Financials into a single reporting solution that:

Significantly speeds up month end close,
Gives total confidence in the numbers, and
Provides almost unlimited analytical capability.
Drivers of income & costs can be understood and Finance can truly partner the front office using pre-built planning & forecasting models. AUM attribution into Inflows, Outflows, Transfers and Investment Performance is fully automated and standardised.

The Importance

FinanceBI’s proven solution can be implemented in weeks versus in-house solutions that can take years.
The industry specific software caters for all firms, including those that require complete data transformation as well as those looking for market leading analytics.
CFOs can upskill expensive accountants from lower skilled data manipulators to true analysts and business partners.
Implementation risk/ project failure reduced with proven success of delivery.

Next steps

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