The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges that compliance teams at large financial institutions face is keeping track of regulatory updates around the world. Our clients typically invest tens, or hundreds of billions of dollars into equities traded in dozens of jurisdictions, and the complexities in maintaining compliance in so many countries are enormous. Previously, the fund industry has had two choices to deal with a shifting sea of regulation: buy a large, expensive and archaic software package or build a large, expensive and unreliable software package in-house.

The Solution

FundApps offers a third choice with its unique compliance service and provides both technology and content. Our services have been designed based on the input provided by the real compliance experts – the FundApps user community. Combining software and up-to-date regulatory content, provided by aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy), our services address the key challenges of position limits and shareholding disclosure monitoring. By supporting 95 jurisdictions with our compliance services, we’re extremely attractive to clients with an international approach to investment, as well as those with offices in multiple countries.

The Importance

We enable our clients to build and sustain a robust compliance infrastructure and a culture of oversight and transparency. Our services address the risks of non-compliance, which attracts ever stricter penalties, allowing our clients to prove adherence to regulation, mitigate reputational risk and avoid fines.

Next steps

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