Delivering a curated selection of liquid alternative investment strategies

The Challenge

The vast array of choices in the alternative investment market can be overwhelming for investors, with a staggering 25,000 private funds available. However, many of these options offer low value, limited transparency and restricted liquidity, making it difficult for investors to make informed decisions and exit their investments when necessary. Additionally, high entry barriers have made it challenging for investors to access this asset class.

The Solution

FundFront, a next-generation investment platform, is building a seamless way to invest in some of the best liquid alternative investment strategies.

At FundFront, we value quality over quantity and prioritise transparency, fairness and simplicity. We hand-pick some of the best investment opportunities from more than 25,000 private funds to offer accredited investors a collection of liquid alternative strategies.

For those who pursue the extraordinary, we provide a premier destination for an exceptional investment discovery and selection experience.

Next steps

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