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The Challenge

The market is being challenged by the industry level impact of digital disruption and increasing regulatory pressures, combined with the internal need to improve cost efficiency and increase revenue.

This means that every firm has their own model for managing risk in their own business, and is increasingly seeking to refine this process. But this creates a lack of consistency within financial risk models across the market, making it increasingly difficult to identify and service the ever-changing needs of your client, who themselves are being affected by global business and market change.

What is missing, is access to more in-depth real-time client intelligence to make much more informed client and business support decisions

The Solution

As an award-winning B2B Fintech startup, we use machine learning to benchmark, rate and monitor the performance of businesses, creating a unique marketplace of real-time client intelligence at scale.

Because we have no need for additional APIs, third-party data-sets, or changes to partner legacy technologies, we offer a truly independent marketplace that enables wealth and asset management firms to access unique insight on the performance of their own clients tailored to their portfolio, private and securely, for a simple monthly or annual licence subscription fee.

The Importance

The world has changed. Traditional models of service have been disrupted.

Clients have even more choice and the digital ability to demand deeper levels of support, advice and services with. This results in an increasingly higher level of expectation from firms.

We can help firms exceed these expectations. We focus on using digital disruption as a positive for firms, through our FinTech solution. We welcome the financial risk models of our partners because they know what works for them, and compliment these models with access to new intelligence, formed from direct client business insight.

Our partners have the advantage of not only being informed of the real-time need of their clients, but they can also build up private and bespoke trend information that will enable them to predict future client needs before they happen. All this, at less risk and less operational cost.

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