The collaborative OMS that works at your desk or on the go.

The Challenge

The industry struggles to adopt the advances in technology in order to create a modern environment and still has a heavy reliance on email. The wider adoption of cloud, collaboration and mobile services in our personal lives has become standard and the workplace has not kept up with that experience. Financial services firms are using legacy systems with a high cost of ownership and challenger solutions should reduce the cost of ownership, improve experience and increase efficiency.

The Solution

HEDGD gives the ability for users to create trades and enrich them as they happen and for Fund Managers to communicate directly with the dealing desk.
HEDGD can be deployed desk by desk or at an enterprise level.
HEDGD is built for mobile and desktop giving an enhanced user experience and allowing portfolio managers to monitor and manage their orders where ever they are.
HEDGD is an OMS that is built directly for the cloud which reduces hardware costs, bakes in DR and results in faster implementation time.

The Importance

HEDGD is the one place to go to view all data related to orders, placements, executions and allocations. HEDGD has MIFID II at the core of the data model design enabling compliance to key regulation. HEDGD will lower the total cost of ownership and enhance user experience.

Next steps

Visit our website www.hedgd.com or email [email protected] for more information




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