The Challenge

Asset managers are facing both external and internal challenges when it comes to their technology evolution. The pressure of performance fees, regulation & compliance, and increased industry competition means that managers need to keep on top of technology changes to create value from digitizing operations. Internally, managers have historically been CapEx heavy, had slow tech cycles, and staff and compute resources have been limited; therefore adoption of essential cloud technology had been delayed The realisation that ‘digital alpha’ will only be achieved if a firm can prioritise their technology strategy has finally hit, but making the transition can be tricky due to current legacy IT systems and service providers, and the perceived difficulties of moving to a cloud base solution.

The Solution

Hentsū are asset management technologists with deep experience designing, implementing and running technology. Since 2015 we have been helping hedge funds and asset managers with secure, scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions in the public cloud. We solve problems ranging from the technology required to start a fund, to enabling funds with complex data and machine learning workloads. Hentsū brings a unique combination of fund specific knowledge, bespoke tools and technical expertise, and we do it by leveraging the power of the public cloud. We also offer a fully managed service, taking the pressure off internal resources if desired.

The Importance

Uniquely with Hentsū’s public cloud solution, the client holds the keys to the cloud environment and own their infrastructure and data from day one. It is their environment. This is something impossible to achieve with private cloud deployments. The customer will have control of their environment, and where needed we can also empower self-service in house teams, such as development and research managing their own resources. We have worked with several firms needing to scale up for a short-term project and the public cloud provides this flexibility. The traditional CapEx models and purchasing cycles are replaced with a more flexible OpEx approach and this is increasingly important for managers.

Next steps

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