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Holistic AI are global leaders in AI & data risk management solutions. Catering for medium to large sized enterprises that utilise algorithms and that seek to ensure their use is responsible and well managed, Holistic AI are already a trusted partner to household names, having executed at scale across sectors and maturity stages.

The Challenge

The past decade has witnessed widespread adoption of AI within the financial services industry. Whereas the initial roll-out of AI was primarily focused on capability and accuracy, concerns addressing the risks inherent in AI adoption are progressively becoming a priority both for financial regulators and society more widely. There is an increasing regulatory need for assurance of AI in financial services and an increasing public desire for AI to be trustworthy. Such assurance leads to both risk mitigation and protects AI innovation within the financial services sector.

The Solution

Holistic AI provides a SaaS one-stop-shop approach for AI assurance, producing risk metrics that can be visualised in a dashboard using a traffic-light system and reporting that is regulatory ready and complies with the client’s governance structure.

Our product can be used across the data protection, risk and compliance functions, and facilitates oversight fulfilling the requirements of the Senior Managers Regime (UK) and equivalents. Our tool provides transparency, useful for buyers of AI solutions looking for technical evaluation and proper due diligence. For in-house AI systems developers, Holistic AI creates a fast lane to deploy AI applications in the real world.

The Importance

We provide a SaaS one-stop-shop approach to govern AI systems, utilising unique and proprietary solutions – based on our foundational research in trustworthy AI in the fields of AI robustness (safety, stability), bias and discrimination, and explainability. Our product focuses on following guidelines and best practices issued by future regulatory bodies such as the ICO, EHRC, FCA, etc.. We are unique in both interconnecting all risk verticals and auditing across the board of risk metrics. Finally, we are able to tailor our software solution to align with a company’s institutional governance structure.

Next steps

We are happy to discuss pilot projects with interested financial services firms to demonstrate Holistic AI’s offering. Please reach out to us on [email protected].



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