The Challenge

Raising capital for a private company or fund is still a manual, time consuming process. In an opaque market with inaccurate information, identifying potential investors can be hit-and-miss. Just like founders, financial professionals in banks, brokerages and corporate finance firms lack adequate tools and connections to close private deals quickly and in a scalable way.

The Solution

HUBX is a white-label platform solution for private company founders and financial professionals to: – Simplify their deal marketing process, boosting insights and enabling better collaboration between teams – Execute deals intelligently, by understanding investors’ needs in real-time thanks to AI-enabled insights – Accelerate growth, by enabling them to source new deal flow and accessing capital beyond their existing network.

The Importance

HUBX leverages a proprietary matching algorithm, combining multiple data sources to uncover connections within your own network. Our technology handles the heavy lifting for you, combining powerful automation tools with relevant data from both public and private sources. Armed with this information, private company founders and financial professionals quickly identify the most relevant investors for their deals. By keeping all platforms private yet interconnected, new opportunities can be introduced to our clients to help them close their deals faster.

Next steps

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