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Impactive is a SaaS platform that transforms how teams within investment firms manage their ESG activities. It provides a centralised digital workspace where investment, ESG and reporting personnel can create, access and manage key information instantly. This helps to break information silos for a truly integrated ESG approach, saves time on client and regulatory reporting and creates self-sufficiency in what would normally be a fragmented and complex business operation. We are on a mission to help investment teams of all sizes to have a better way of working, where silos are broken, insights are shared and ESG is integrated effortlessly.

The Challenge

The demand for sustainable investing has accelerated at an explosive rate over the past decade. It is now virtually impossible to exist or win clients without a sound ESG approach. Regulators and industry bodies have and continue to introduce policies that promote transparency, minimise harm and guard against greenwashing. This will impact investment firms from every angle: investment, stewardship, data, technology, and operations. Without a holistic solution that tackles all of these areas, firms will be at a disadvantage through fragmentation, inefficiencies, and sub-optimal ESG integration practices.

The Solution

Impactive is a user-friendly platform that helps you to effectively integrate ESG in your operations and ensure your investment, ESG and reporting teams are working more effectively. The result is a more joined-up approach that creates higher-quality outcomes, which will help to meet client and regulatory needs in a much slicker way.

The platform was founded by an experienced Responsible Investment practitioner of 17 years, who deeply understands the challenges first-hand.

Here are just some of the advantages of the Impactive platform:

– Credibly carry out ESG integration so that you are not operating in investment/ESG silos.
– Build shared knowledge and understanding of investee companies, themes and industries through the seamless flow of information on interactions, engagements, research and voting.
– Show clients that you have a reliable infrastructure that supports your ESG integration process.
– Make life easier for your RFP, reporting and compliance teams to access stewardship information so that they can confidently respond to client and regulatory expectations.
– Be able to show clients and other stakeholders case studies of your investment and stewardship work.
– Most importantly, guard against greenwashing risks by instantly being able to evidence your responsible investment work and show an audit trail of engagement activity.

Onboarding is straightforward and we have a strong emphasis on data security.



The Importance

Without a holistic and centralised solution that helps investment, ESG and reporting teams work better together, firms will be at a disadvantage through fragmentation, inefficiencies, and sub-optimal ESG integration practices. Not only is the Impactive platform a powerful tool, our users agree that it has a great user experience and value its flexibility and customisation abilities.

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