Imperium Risk

The Challenge

Operational Risk data are often dispersed widely throughout organisations; with compliance, operational risk, and audit teams working in silos. This makes board- and regulatory- reporting complicated and slow; prevents the business generating insight from the data; is costly in terms of duplicated effort and inability to identify risks in a timely manner, and makes it hard to use the data in resilience planning.

The Solution

Imperium Risk’s platform:

  • provides timely, intuitive, data-driven insight and reporting for CROs, COOs and risk boards
  • enables businesses to enhance operational resilience while eliminating ineffective or duplicated controls
  • reduces costs of compliance by automating data collection, and documenting systems and processes
  • delivers a clear, dashboard view of risks, controls, breaches and resolutions
  • empowers individual risk owners to take ownership of measuring risk, implementing and monitoring controls and resolving breaches
  • simplifies the sharing of best-practice risk controls, enterprise-wide

The Importance

The Imperium Risk platform empowers operational risk and compliance teams to add value by eliminating complexity; streamlining processes, and; delivering real-time risk, control, breach and resolution monitoring via intuitive dashboards and pro-active alerts.

Next steps

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