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The Challenge

As an inducement under MiFID II, comprehensive records of corporate access activity need to be maintained, and, where provided by an intermediary which is a MiFID firm, it needs to be priced and paid for separately from other services provided by that firm. But corporate access received directly from corporates, or from 3rd party firms paid by the corporate, does not need to be priced. All this causes significant complexity and an administrative burden. As an example, there are >40,000 listed corporate entities in the world – just maintaining a database of who they are, addresses and contact details is a material challenge.

The Solution

The ingage platform integrates every listed company in the world and enables institutional investors to find and reach out to any of them directly. The platform then provides downstream workflow to arrange those calls/meetings, enables admin staff to manage all the ongoing requests for their team and the broader group, and then also provides value added post meeting functions such as direct feedback and regulatory standard record keeping & reporting.

The Importance

Corporate Access is a core part of the investment and stewardship process for most firms and our solution enables investors to internalise a direct corporate access capability easily and efficiently.

Next steps

If any of this would be of interest, please call us on +44 20 7118 2288 or Email us on [email protected]



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