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The Challenge

Insight can help firms manage ever-increasing and intrusive regulatory requirements.

The Solution

Cerberus — a complete solution for SMCR.

Simple, intuitive and logical to use, Cerberus is our solution for the SMCR:

  • Delegation and Oversight –clearly shows what responsibilities individuals have accepted, evidence of meeting those responsibilities and when they have been met;

  • Governance–shows overall governance committee structure and management responsibilities map;

  • Evidence–demonstrates how reasonable steps and statutory responsibilities are being met (allows inclusion of attachments and commentary);

  • Assurance–built in activity log to ensure a clear and discoverable audit trail that cannot be deleted or amended;

  • Protection–for the firm and the individual (even after they are no longer SMFs). When regulators ask for information, it can be easily provided for individuals, issues and for specific times;

  • Certification–manages the entire certification process;

  • Record-keeping and reports – Cerberus will act as a firm’skey repository and live record-keeping system for the SMCR. It will also allow for the creation of reports and analytics;

  • Issue Management –shows how ad hoc issues and regulatory projects are delegated and managed through to completion; and

  • Saves time and money –no more compiling multiple spreadsheets.  More time to focus on dealing with issues.

Future versions of Cerberus will cater specifically for other individual accountability regimes around the world including in the EU, USA, MENA and APAC.

Next steps

Please contact one of our partners to arrange a demo or a free trial:

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