INSTICUBE is the pan-European research platform with it’s origins in IPE. Since 2017, institutional asset owners utilising this tool have been able to share intelligence on the value and service they receive from asset managers they employ. They do so to mitigate risk, identify and drive best practices, and optimize outcomes for all stakeholders. Our asset owner members value the INSTICUBE platform as a unique source of reliable, independent information about asset managers, which they cannot access anywhere else. Since its inception, over 700 asset owners have reported on more than 20,000 mandates from over 500 asset managers in all asset classes. The Best Investment Ideas Exchange (BIIX) is the next phase of INSTICUBE’S evolution and was created to connect Asset Owners and Asset Managers. It allows our Asset Owner members to identify investable new trends and asset classes to diversify their portfolio, discover new investment solutions for their needs, and contact previously unknown service providers. We are in the early stages of populating the BIIX with investment strategies and would like to offer your firm the opportunity to participate.

The Challenge

Given the disruption caused by Brexit, coupled with the ongoing difficulties posed by the COVID pandemic, it has become increasingly challenging to reach new potential clients.

The Best Investment Ideas Exchange (BIIX) aims to address this issue, by allowing asset managers to place their investment strategies in front of INSTICUBE’s sophisticated membership of nearly 340 European Institutional Investors.


The Solution

In 2021 and beyond, we invite asset managers to upload their best investment ideas to a new platform exclusively built and managed for the information benefit of our members, honouring the highest standards of data security and privacy:  The Best Investment Ideas Exchange.  This service will allow asset managers to upload their best investment ideas to a platform already utilized by some of Europe’s largest 2,000 institutional investors.

Imagine your best investment strategies easily discoverable to around 25% of the European institutional market (measured by AuM) in Europe for a full year – 24/7!  No commercial middleman – but the high likeliness of well-documented reverse solicitation, as our asset owner members need only to push a button to get in direct contact with your team.

The Importance

BIIX a highly cost and time-effective route to market, placing your investment strategies in front of our active membership of c. 340 investors with more than € 2,900 Bn AuM. Our membership is formed of representatives of pensions funds, insurance companies, endowments, and foundations.  We are confident that this powerful group of members will grow over the coming months and years, as our virtual service offerings become more compelling and find more acceptance in the increasingly digitalized market environment.


Next steps

To enquire about becoming an associate member of INSTICUBE, arrange a walk-through of the platform and have a preliminary discussion on BIIX, reach out to Asad Malik Saeed on:

Direct:  0203 967 2023

Mobile: 07379 993 049

Email:  [email protected]

You can also learn more about INSTICUBE at our website:

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