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The Challenge

Investment firms, as well as wealth and funds managers, face a variety of complex challenges when it comes to their AML/CFT obligations. For one thing, the requirements, risks, and resources of every firm and every fund vary greatly.  


Regulators in multiple jurisdictions have raised concerns that reporting entities in this sector may not have enough controls and operational mechanisms in place to detect and report on financial crime. And reporting entities are concerned about the rising cost of meeting their obligations. This cost is compounded by successful growth so it needs to be balanced with providing top notch service to customers.  


But every reporting entity in the sector must comply with their obligation to conduct ongoing customer due diligence, transaction monitoring, and regulatory reporting. Excel spreadsheets and outdated systems aren’t good enough any more.  


Whether you’re only processing a few thousand transactions a year, or you’re managing a high volume of customers and transactions, you can rely on Jade ThirdEye to help improve productivity, increase cost-effectiveness, and bolster your AML compliance programme.

The Solution

For organizations (reporting entities) who are required to comply with AML/CFT regulations, Jade ThirdEye is a software solution that automates ongoing Transaction Monitoring and Customer Screening so reporting entities can confidently meet compliance obligations, protect their communities, and achieve operational and strategic outcomes by using a tool that is flexible, simple to use, easy to implement, and has outstanding local support and a robust feature set.


The Importance

Jade Thirdeye is a simple yet powerful tool for automating financial transaction monitoring and customer screening as a vital part of a reliable and cost-effective AML compliance program.  Organizations around the globe rely on Jade ThirdEye to quickly identify suspicious behavior and gain meet regulatory compliance obligations with a low total cost of ownership through automation, flexibility, features, and outstanding support.  Jade Thirdeye is a fully supported and secure SaaS platform that is easy to use, quick to implement, and flexible enough to support multiple reporting entities across financial sectors with customizable rules, preferred data sources, and a robust feature set that, alongside local and expert support and professional services, helps reporting entities minimize overhead, advance strategic and operational business goals, and confidently meet regulatory requirements.

Next steps

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We genuinely want to understand the specific AML/CTF challenges you face, we all have the same goal, reducing financial crime and protecting our local and global communities.


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