Leading Point

The Challenge

For anyone operating in financial services today, change is now business as normal. COOs are under constant pressure to manage evolving issues ranging from regulatory risk and anti-financial crime to regtech and cloud transition. But successfully transforming a complex, fast-paced organisation is never easy alone – and calling in outside help can often just result in waves of PowerPoint strategy decks and small armies of expensive consultants. For change leaders looking to deliver smart change and real results, it can be hard to know where to turn.

The Solution

At Leading Point, we believe the answer can be found in data. Data is the single thread that runs through every aspect of a financial services organisation – and we are experts at helping clients harness its power to inform and drive highly targeted, highly effective business transformation. You might be looking to grow, optimise your operations, better manage risk, evolve into new areas, or just better protect your data – whatever the challenge, we bring the domain expertise and intelligent technology to reinvigorate your operating models and seamlessly deliver results.

The Importance

‘Solutions’ marketed by large players are often bloated with excess staff and technology looking for a problem to solve. It’s an approach that can waste time and money, without delivering any real lasting change. We believe execution is all-important when it comes to solving business problems, which is why we deploy small, highly focused teams that work collaboratively with your key people. It’s a human-backed, data-led, solutions approach that’s proven to deliver sustainable advantage for change leaders and their organisations.

Next steps

To discuss how we can work with your people and your data to unlock successful change, get in touch with Rajen Madan, [email protected]

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