Level E Research

The Challenge

  • Investing is complex and costly – lots of data, technology, people, processes, risks and rules.
  • The big investment firms are spending heavily on AI because they believe it is the technology to improve their investment decisions – and reduce costs.
  • Small and medium sized firms do not have the resources to develop AI systems – they need fin-techs to develop new investment solutions they can outsource.

The Solution

  • We have built the first autonomous learning investment system that uses machine learning to run investment strategies – the E-platform.
    • Autonomous – the system makes investment decisions without human intervention
    • Learning – the systems learns from the behaviour of individual stocks and the overall market and adapts its investment decisions.
  • The E-platform is available to large and small firms alike as a service, SaaS, saving them the capital and resource costs of building their own solution.
  • Our technology meets the regulatory needs of our clients and can integrate with existing platforms and market infrastructure
  • And we have clients to prove it works.

The Importance

Level E Research offers, perhaps, the first fully functional investment management platform for asset managers that has been designed and built with AI at its core.  It is fully operational, developed by experts in AI/ML, tested by asset managers and is now creating real returns for clients. This is not a system that needs to be developed, it is ready to be used a platform for firms to explore, test and start t0 leverage the benefits of AI in their investment process.  We can help clients design, test and implement new strategies faster and cheaper than traditional platforms and once proven we can then run these strategies cheaper than traditional platforms.

Next steps

To understand more about how we are helping clients please visit our website.  If you are interested in a demonstration please contact us.

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