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Capmatix Regulations is also widely known under the name acarda. The industry-proven acarda platform will be fully integrated into the Capmatix product family on 1 January 2022 and marketed exclusively under the name Capmatix Regulations (Capmatix Reg for short).

The Challenge

The last years were marked with abundance of regulations in the capital markets. With the regulatory landscape approaching towards increasing investor protection, the need for effective compliance is the talk of the day. Abundance of data is a big challenge for the financial industry. Managing it efficiently and producing reporting results in value driven way requires efficiency, systematic procedures and rapid response. Moreover, the resulting reporting compliance should fully achieve it sense of purpose i.e. transparency and awareness of the end investor.

The Solution

We respond to reporting compliance challenges through our one stop one window solution called the Capmatix Regulations Platform. The multifunctional software platform combines complex data assimilation, optimization, mapping, procession and distribution in few clicks. As a SaaS, we offer:


  • Regulatory compliance and advisory services through industry best practices
  • Value added Market Data sourcing incorporating comprehensive waterfall strategy from world renowned vendors
  • Comprehensive digital platform with a user-friendly Client Interface offering one-click dashboard services
  • Optimized and up-to-date transaction cost calculation processes
  • Standardized report generation for SFDR, CRR II, PRIIPs, MiFID II, DC Workers pensions, Cost Transparency Initiative, Solvency II, GroMikV and many more
  • Report distribution frequency according to client’s convenience (periodic or on-demand) along with the delivery to distributor, investor or regulator.

The Importance

By accumulating various regulatory knowledge, optimizing data requirements and combining industry best practices, Capmatix Regulations one stop solution offers a generic and comprehensive template that facilitates asset managers to provide data input in a standardized format.

Furthermore we offer a managed service where, through the provision of a raw data file, we can handle fully compliant reporting for you.

Next steps

We would like companies to contact us directly and ask for a one-on-one presentation of our regulatory reporting services. During the session you will be introduced to all functionalities of our Platform from data management to calculation, production and distribution of various European and local reports.

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