Lynk Global

The Challenge

Finding alpha is increasingly difficult, with so much information available. Yet, the right information is essential to deliver investment ideas and generate returns. With Lynk, you can quickly connect to the best people to relevant perspectives on your next investment opportunity.


As investors look to adopt new technologies and smarter uses of data, Lynk’s data-driven platform allows investors to institutionalize knowledge and deliver faster, more cost-effective access to expert insights.


The Solution

Lynk helps hedge funds, asset managers and private equity investors uncover opportunities


Find differentiated sources of alpha, fast 
Whether your mandate is Long/Short, Multi-Strategies, or Special Situations, in-depth firsthand insights are essential to develop unique viewpoints and assess investments.

  • Get in touch with the right Lynk Knowledge Partners, within hours of your request
  • Benefit from our 98.9% success rate in matching relevant Knowledge Partners
  • Reach Knowledge Partners globally, enabled by our sourcing and curation system
  • Search and discover topics and Knowledge Partners efficiently and independently


Institutionalize knowledge and save costs
As increased regulation puts pressure on the industry and squeezes margins, firms need to spend more efficiently on quality expert access.

  • See up to 45% cost savings from our technology and maximize returns immediately
  • Gain significant productivity improvements from digitization and better use of data
  • Seamless set-up and integration with no additional staff or investment required
  • Overall a lower Total Cost of Ownership and strong return on investment


Leave no stone unturned in evaluating deals
Executing the best deals requires a 360o approach to navigate the changing industry landscape, assess and mitigate risks, and identify growth levers

  • Get essential perspectives from industry specialists across the value chain
  • Organize and scale your proprietary network to gain advantages in deal sourcing and due diligence
  • Multiply your operational expertise to create value for your portfolio companies


The Importance

  • Screen investment opportunities quickly with credible insights from industry specialists. See example work here.




  • Evaluate supply chain and distribution channels of different industries with first hand perspectives. See example work here.

Next steps

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