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MAIA is next gen asset management software, combining event driven, real-time OEMS, PMS, Compliance, IBOR and risk management tools MAIA is accessible through our friendly User Interface or for extra performance, via our bi-directional fluent API. The engine based architecture delivers unrivalled capacity and performance, and facilitates entire front-to-back or modular deployment. We are a SaaS business, and can scale as you scale.

The Challenge

The challenge is technology debt.

How can asset managers replace a patchwork of expensive, legacy technology, that is struggling to handle the size and complexity of their business?

How can they get a faster, cheaper more flexible platform, with unlimited capacity?

The Solution

MAIA can replace all or part of an asset manager’s technology stack.

> If you are looking for a real time technology stack, we offer event driven, real-time OEMS, PMS, Compliance, IBOR and risk management tools

> If you are a technology led organisation, we offer unconstrained, bi-directional integration with our fluent API, available in python, Java, C# and Golang or via our friendly GUI

> If your platform is struggling to cope, we offer unrivalled capacity and performance

> If you want to enhance your existing platform, we offer individual ‘engines’ as a modular solution to solve specific challenges

> If you trade multiple asset classes, we offer MAIA….Multi Asset Investment Architecture

The Importance

As as asset manger, MAIA may be the best way to solve your technology problems. We offer a next gen SaaS technology platform, that can scale with your business. It can be deployed to fix a specific issue, or as an entire end-to-end solution. MAIA is an API 1st solution, which enables superior integration, speed and performance.

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