The Challenge

Financial loss due to human error or by intent is surging, posing an estimated 4 trillion dollar a year problem. With the rapid emergence of big data, the complexity and volume of it, auditors and accountants are struggling to absorb, analyse and understand the data. Outdated sampling techniques examine only a tiny fraction of the data, while most of the data goes unscrutinised. Outdated tools and manually intensive techniques present very significant issues with the assurance and confidence in financial data.

The Solution

With a mission to restore confidence in financial data, led by technological visionaries in the engineering space, MindBridge Ai has developed the world’s first and only AI auditing platform. The MindBridge Ai platform, Ai Auditor devours financial data of any sort analyses it in its entirety. The analysis cross-correlates dozens of testing criteria against 100% of the data, including traditional business rules, statistical methods and machine learning seeded by the domain expertise of some of the world’s top auditors.

The result of this high-octane analysis is an at-a-glance view into financial data, ranked by risk, so auditors and accountants can explore the data, focus on the areas that matter the most, and build out a more thorough, effective audit plan.

The Importance

MindBridge Ai Auditor is gaining rapid adoption worldwide, driven by the platform’s purpose-built features and benefits for auditing. Now accounting firms and internal auditors are relying on the MindBridge Ai platform to perform superior audits, faster, and with substantial cost savings involved.

As the best possible outcome for your audit, Ai Auditor is redefining reasonable assurance. Benefits of the highly extensible platform include:

Powered by machine learning and AI
100% data analysis
Identify risk, in seconds
Zero scripting, zero training
Lightning fast results

Next steps

For more information about our platform, please visit MindBridge.ai, where you can peruse information about our AI powered auditing platform, the eight ways we are revolutionizing audit, information about how we specifically help audit firms and internal auditors and also request a personal demonstration of our auditing platform.



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