Minotore produces public financial product websites, investor portals, reporting and any type of digital platform with its all-in-one MDP solution for all digital marketing, sales, and customer service needs, in the Asset Management and CIB Markets. MDP relies on a single administration console to manage all the modules (Corporate Websites, Product pages, Factsheets Generator, Digital Wallet, Investor Portal, Product videos…) Our platform adapts itself natively to the customer context (Investor profil, Country, Language). We also create and produce all sorts of creative content, mainly videos and animated visuals, with a team that masters communication’s best practices and financial markets dynamics and is perfectly able to grasp even the most complex scripts (structured products, Investment strategy…).

The Challenge

“Born with a dual culture”

As both financiers and tech enthusiasts, we use this dual expertise to unite financial markets with digital innovation.

Minotore is one of the few companies with expertise in both IT and market finance. Founded in 2013 by traders and financial structurers trained in one of Europe’s leading investment banking groups.

Our Challenges :

  • Acceleration of your projects thanks to the business knowledge of our employees.
  • Mastery of all stages of digital creation with our multidisciplinary in-house teams.
  • An AGILE approach to adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers.

The Solution

The story began with a solution that allows to build web pages that later evolved into a website generator. This same solution is now a repository of applications (widgets), which allow MDP*users to enrich their sites with dynamic components.

Minotore Digital Platform : A single platform for all your digital marketing, sales, and customer service needs!


1/ Integrated Modules.

A single administration console to manage all your modules!

  • Websites

Create your multi-site web platform for the different countries and profiles you address. A centralized management allows you to manage several dozens of sites from a unique system! Create content and share it on your different sites in a few clicks.

  • Product pages

Thanks to our powerful data management tool, creating your dynamic web product pages has never been easier. Your product pages are easily integrated into your multi-country context.

  • Factsheets Generator

Generate your factsheets automatically and send them directly to your customers with a custom validation workflow.

  • Digital Wallet

Gather all your digital documents (PDF, Presentation and Video) in a customizable web space accessible internally (sales team, consultants) and also externally (investors, prospects).

  • Investor Portal

Have a reporting portal for your investors in a few clicks. Create content based on templates, generate reports with product widgets and share it all with custom defined user groups!

  • Product Videos

Automate the creation of your product videos with our Product In Motion, an innovative engine capable of generating dynamic videos with a synthetic voice-over!


2/ Native Features :

A platform that adapts natively to your customer context!

  • Multi-profile : Configure your platform for different investor profiles (individuals, professionals, distributors, etc.) or multiple user groups.
  • Multi-language : Enter your content in different languages or translate it in real time automatically!
  • Multi-country : Sharing your content across multiple countries or creating dedicated content for each country has never been easier with a fully multi-site-oriented console


3/ Specifications :

A platform designed for security and scalability

  • Ergonomics : Designed for quick mastery without any technical knowledge.
  • Security : An in-depth security policy regularly challenged by third parties.
  • Compliance : Continuous updates to comply with the latest legal provisions (GDPR, market authorities, cookie management, etc.)
  • Scalability : Staying ahead of your competitors by integrating new features.
  • Open architect : developing new features around the MDP* core.

The Importance

Minotore can support you in different ways :

  1. Your Websites (Corporate and product) needs to be redesign/ reshaped to match with the financial market standards?
  2. You need to better communicate by using the video media, in order to promote a financial product, an investment strategy or, to simply introduce the audience to your company, team and values?
  3. You identified IT needs/ projects (new application, reporting automation…) and you would like to be supported by IT experts, to lead with you these new  challenges

Next steps

Next steps?

Very easy : Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about MINOTORE  and request a demo ([email protected]) or contact us through our website here

We will be happy to organisze a demo just for you to show you our added value, how it works and how it can meet your needs.

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